Whipping Egg Whites

If you’re not shown what certain stages of whipped egg whites look like, it can be really hard to determine if they’re where you want them to be. I’ve put together a couple photos to help you better understand how to make meringue. *Note: Meringue can look different depending on the amount of sugar (more sugar = small bubbles = more […]

Mint Chocolate Mousse

St Patricks Day is almost here! Up until this year, I have always associated this holiday with binge drinking, irish car bombs, shots of jameson, and a hangover from hell. Well you can say I have finally learned my lesson, because this year, staying home and taking shots of chocolate mousse sound more than fine to me. We all have […]

Eclair Cake

I love it when I get birthday requests. This seems to be the only time of the year for people to really ask for what they want. It’s a whole day, all about them, and not about their guests.  Normally, If I do a cake or dessert for a dinner party or holiday, the host wants something generic, something everyone […]