Copycat Thin Mints

Girl scout cookie season is finally here!! I know some people like to order a ton of boxes and freeze them for an endless supply all year round. For me, I can’t do that. If I have them, I WILL eat them- nonstop. So I limited myself to one box of each of my favorites: thin mints and caramel delights. […]

Strawberry Champagne Cronuts

  Valentine’s day is coming up this weekend. I hope everyone has made their reservations already! If you don’t have a date this year, that’s okay because I am about to introduce you to the lovely Mr. Cronut. Strawberry Champagne Cronut is his full name actually, and I promise he will definitely impress. A cronut is a cross between a a […]

The Best Candy Bars EVER (Crispy Bars)

I absolutely love making candy bars at home. The reason being, I can customize them exactly how I like it. I love eating a candy bar that is crispy, chewy, gooey, and of course, covered in chocolate. I made these for a Super Bowl party, and the comments I got were: “I don’t even eat sweets and this is my third […]