Apple Pie Churros

Before we start, can we just take a moment of silence for all the moisture that has decided to leave my hands?  “Moisturize me.”  I know some of you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t point it out. But for those of you who did notice, it would just be like a “I’m embarrassed for you, and you haven’t […]

Leftover Candy Mousse

This is the first time this has happened to me. I know it happens to other people all the time but me?? I thought it would never happen to me. But it did. I am officially sick of eating candy, but I have SO much leftover from halloween. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. Normally, I can eat candy all […]

What Happens When You Fry Cake Batter?

Well now that I’ve asked the question, I’m sure you’re dying to know the answer.  Let me tell you what happens: Only like the best thing ever. I’m sure you’ve seen from the photos already, but the moist fluffy cake you’ve all come to love becomes crispy on the outside and stays moist and fluffy on the inside. Exactly what […]