Strawberry Champagne Macarons


Wow I can’t believe this year is already over (ugh I sound like literally every other person on this planet right now). I guess it’s true what they say, your 20s go by faster than you can blink. Wasn’t it my 21st birthday like last week?? Well either way, 2016 has come and gone, and what better way to celebrate […]

Biscoff (Cookie Butter) Swirled Cheesecake

If you’re still trying to figure out what to make for Christmas dinner, you can stop looking. This biscoff cheesecake is the perfect winter holiday dessert.  If you don’t know what biscoff is, it’s the original cookie butter. Remember all the hype about trader joe’s cookie butter and everyone thought it was like the best thing they’ve ever tasted? Well sorry […]

How to Build a Charcuterie and Cheese Board


You might not know it by it’s name, but I’m sure you’ve eaten charcuterie at least once in your life. Charcuterie is just a fancy name for cured meats such as salami. It’s commonly served on a board with an assortment of cured meats and cheeses, accompanied by food pairings that go well with these items such as honey, mustard, and olives. Not […]

Single Serving 5 Minute Hot Chocolate From Scratch

This is something I’ve been doing for years, not really realizing that other people might find it useful. I whipped up a hot chocolate one night so that my friend could try the surprise hot chocolate ornament. She was staring at me because I had just made her a mug of hot chocolate from scratch in 5 minutes, and told […]

Surprise Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Pack your imaginary bags because hubs and I are going to Korea!! We haven’t been back since we first got married, and this will be our first christmas with my family. We’ve been trying to prepare for this trip for a couple of weeks now, but I think it’s finally starting to sink in for me (we leave in 4 days!!) […]