$3 DIY Cake Stands

The countdown has begun! We are officially less than one month away from the baby shower, and almost two months away from meeting our baby girl.

Guys, the excitement is getting real.

We still have so much left to do, but as of now, I’m focusing on getting stuff done for the baby shower. No, I’m not throwing myself a shower, but I am definitely involved in making the desserts for the party. I mean, how could I stay away? Baby showers and other celebrations like this are the epitome of crafts and cake. There’s tons of DIY crafts, decorations, and of course – there’s always cake.

For the dessert table, I wanted lots of height and variation for the display. Cake stands and risers can get a little pricey, especially for a one time event. I set out to make my own from thrift store finds. I was pleasantly surprised at how cute these turned out, and how little they cost.

Things to note:

  • I went with candle sticks for the base of the cake stands. I highly recommend using candle sticks rather than the slightly more decorative glassware because the candle sticks have more weight and thickness to them. You want a nice sturdy base to keep the cake stands from tipping over with the desserts on them. 
  • When picking out the tops of the cake stands, look for relatively flat platters. Remember to measure the diameter of the flat area only when choosing the size. You don’t want your cake to sit all the way out towards the edge, bowing up.
  • If you want to spray paint and keep it food safe, go with clear platters. This allows you to paint the under sides of the dish and have the color show through the top, while keeping the surface that comes in contact with food, paint free.
  • My salvation army will give you a heavy discount on items that have been in the store for more than 2 months. Check with your local store, and if they offer this discount, you can see when they received the item on the price tag. Goodwill will offer a 50% discount to different groups every day of the week (seniors, military, casino workers, etc.).
  • I glued before I painted, leaving a circle of clear glass in the center. I didn’t want to risk the paint chipping where I glued and the cake stands falling apart, but I actually don’t mind the way it looks. Plus the centers will be covered anyways.

Alright, so lets get started!

    1. Clean your materials very well. Rubbing alcohol works well to remove stickers, and you can also use it to wipe down the pieces if you have hard water. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, acetone will also work. Let dry completely.
    2. Place the platters upside down, and glue the candlestick in the center with clear E6000. This is the glue I trust to hold and not fall apart, plus it works on various materials (in the photo i have some brass pieces).
    3. Let it dry untouched for 24 hours. Wiggling the pieces, trying to see if it’s dry before it has time to cure can weaken the bond. 
    4. Spray paint the candlesticks and underside of the platters with desired color. I used this Rust Oleum Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Gloss White, 12-Ounce and had about 1/3 can leftover after painting 4 cake stands and a vase. Make sure you spray at least 6″ away to prevent bubbles and dripping. You will have best results with several thin coats. Check from all angles to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.
    5. If you accidentally end up with bubbles or drips, let dry and sand with 400 grit sandpaper until smooth. Clean well and spray another coat of paint to blend.
    6. As long as you don’t have any drips, you can touch to delicately move and see if you missed any spots after 30 minutes. Let dry for 24 hours to completely set.

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