Blooming Gelatin

It often goes without saying, but gelatin has to be bloomed before using. This may be confusing to many readers due to the fact that it is assumed that it is common knowledge. Whether you’re using sheets or powdered gelatin, make sure you bloom it in order to have it properly melt (and not end up clumpy). Gelatin powder Sprinkle […]

How to Make a Paper Piping Cone

Decorating with small detail requires a paper piping cone. This allows you to have a small tip for small details. It also doesn’t hold much, giving you more control. Start with a piece of parchment cut into a right angle triangle like this: With the right angle towards the top, bring the left corner up to meet the right angle […]

Tempering Chocolate (Seeding Method)

Anytime you’re dipping stuff into chocolate or using chocolate just by itself, it needs to be tempered. This excludes times when you’re making ganache, or incorporating chocolate into a recipe by adding ingredients such as cake, ice cream, or hot chocolate. But all the other times like candies, and chocolate covered strawberries, the chocolate should be tempered. Tempering chocolate gives it […]

Whipping Egg Whites

If you’re not shown what certain stages of whipped egg whites look like, it can be really hard to determine if they’re where you want them to be. I’ve put together a couple photos to help you better understand how to make meringue. *Note: Meringue can look different depending on the amount of sugar (more sugar = small bubbles = more […]