Dog bed with bolsters


Dog beds seem to be a monthly project around here. The last one I made Leo (the labrador), he decided it was better used as a pillow. So I gave that one to Comet (Australian shepherd) who had just ripped up his own bed. I made Leo a bed with bolster so he wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor.

Sigh, the things we do for our fur babies.

For this project, you will need to know how to use a sewing machine. I myself am still a beginner, and have taught myself with the instructions that came with the machine. So grab your friend, family, or neighbor and ask them if you can borrow their sewing machine. You just need to learn how to make it sew, nothing fancy!

So for my dog beds, I like to make the inside that holds all the stuffing, and an outer cover that I can wash when it gets dirty. Starting with the inside piece, we have Comet helping me figure out how big the bed should be.

Notice that it’s two layers of fabric. Sew 3 of the sides, leaving one side open. Flip inside out.

I wouldn’t worry about getting the stitches perfect for this piece because it will be covered anyways.


Now start laying out the batting material to see how you want it to lay on the inside.


I folded it on itself about 3 times to make it fluffy, making it slightly bigger than the bed.


Roll up the side that’s longer than the bed:

And add a separate piece already rolled up on the adjacent side, making an L shape.


Now that you know how it’s going to go, re arrange on the inside of the bed like so:


I found it easier to have the rolled pieces up against the seams to keep them from unrolling. 


When all the stuff is just the way you want it, sew up the last side.

Just to give it a clean look, I folded the edges in before sewing it together. But like I said before, I wouldn’t worry too much about the cosmetics for this one.DSC_0031 DSC_0032

To keep the batting in place, hand sew along the bolsters. I had to use upholstery thread to make sure it didn’t come undone or break.


Now the for the cover, lay your fabric over the bed to see how much fabric you need. Make sure you tuck the fabric into the bolsters to account for that extra bit of fabric.

I also left about a foot of extra fabric on one side. This is going to tuck under the bed and act as a flap.

As you can see, I don’t really like measuring….no judgement please!


*To make things less confusing, “solid fabric” will be for the bottom of the bed. “Printed fabric” will be what goes on top of the bed.

Place the printed fabric upside. Cut another piece of fabric, which will be the size of the bed. I used another piece of fabric because the one with the pattern was about twice as expensive. Since we won’t be seeing the bottom of the bed much, I just went with a plain solid color that matched with the print.

If you are using another printed fabric for the bottom (of the bed) piece, make sure you lay it upside. You should have both printed sides touching.



Fold the extra foot of the printed fabric under the solid one.


 Sew the other three sides closed (all the sides except the one you just folded). 

Flip inside out, and you should have something like this.


The bottom, stuffed:



Right side up! Ta Da!



And of course Comet decided he wanted the new one instead of a hand me down. Leo’s too nice! Or maybe he just really like the carpet…


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