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This is the first time this has happened to me. I know it happens to other people all the time but me?? I thought it would never happen to me. But it did.

I am officially sick of eating candy, but I have SO much leftover from halloween.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. Normally, I can eat candy all day and not get sick of it. Normally, I don’t have enough candy to do it for a month straight.

This time, I did.

We had a huge banquet at work with a “candy station” which we had to order pallets of candy for. There was so much leftover that we had about 2 pallets of candy sitting around, and of course enough candy to constantly refill the bowl in the office. Therefore, resulting in me eating candy every. single. day. for a month.

Talk about first world problems.

So what do you do when your husband refuses to eat the leftover meatloaf because it’s “ew, leftovers”?

Make it into something new, duh!

I present to you, leftover candy mousse. AKA whipped candy ganache. AKA candy chantilly? Lol well whatever you want to call it, it’s whipped, it’s chocolate, and it only takes 2 ingredients.

I went ahead and tried different flavors to see if this recipe will work for different candy bars:

Milky Way
The nougat in the milky way didn’t want to melt with the heavy cream, but once I started whipping, it blended in nicely. Chocolate and caramel is one of my favorite combinations, but you could still taste the distinct candy bar flavor. Must be the nougat…

Almond Joy
I took the almond out so that it wouldn’t get in the way when whipping. This resulted in more of just a coconut mousse, no almond flavor. If you want, you can blend the hot cream and the whole almond joy together before chilling in order to get the almond flavor.

By far my favorite. It reminded me of my peanut butter chocolate mousse but with bits of peanuts in it. You can’t even tell it’s made from a candy bar!

Which candy would you turn into a mousse?

Leftover Candy Mousse

Leftover Candy Mousse


For: 10 servings
10 min
Ready in:
3 h 10 min


  1. Break up or smoosh candies into small pieces.
  2. Bring heavy cream to a simmer and pour over chocolate
  3. Whisk to combine.
  4. Let cool completely in the fridge overnight or over an ice bath.
  5. Whip to stiff peaks.


  • Use candies containing chocolate only.
  • Be sure to remove any large hard objects in the candy such as whole nuts before whipping. You can blend the ganache before cooling if you wish to incorporate the nut flavor into the mousse.
  • Chocolate is most accurately measured in weight. If you don’t have a scale, here is a little guide to give you an idea of how much chocolate to use:
    milky way mini – 8 grams
    almond joy fun size – 17 grams
    reeses single cup – 18 grams
    1 reeses cup (double pack regular size)- 21 grams

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