Blooming gelatin

It often goes without saying, but gelatin has to be bloomed before using. This may be confusing to many readers due to the fact that it is assumed that it is common knowledge. Whether you’re using sheets or powdered gelatin, make sure you bloom it in order to have it properly melt (and not end up clumpy).

Gelatin powder

Sprinkle the powder into a room temperature or colder liquid. This liquid can either be water, or an ingredient being used for the recipe. Sprinkling ensures there will be no clumps and dry pockets. Once the gelatin absorbs the water and is no longer dry, it is bloomed.

Be sure not to bloom gelatin in a large amount of water as it will result in watering down the recipe.


Gelatin sheets

Place the gelatin sheets into room temperature or colder water. The gelatin is bloomed once the sheets are soft and no longer stiff. This will take longer than the powder. It is also recommended that you separate the sheets as you put them in water to avoid them sticking to each other and preventing blooming. Once the sheets are softened, bunch it up and squeeze excess water out.