Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

The paper flower wall was one of the most time consuming things that went towards this baby shower. We had 3 people working on them over the course of a couple of weeks, 6 people making them all day, and we even ended up making a couple more the night before. 

But I wanted it – needed it. Bless my friends for understanding!

We learned a couple things along the way. I’m going to share with you some of those tips, and also the links to the tutorials we used on making the flowers.

Most of the flowers on the wall are made of tissue paper, a couple used crepe paper and tulle, and there are a few that are store bought, made from silk and foam. We used a plastic table cloth for the backing, and laid it on the floor to hot glue the flowers before putting it up on the wall. Some of the larger flowers needed extra reinforcement with thumbtacks to the wall at this point. We then covered the edges of the backdrop with balloons to finish the look.

Tissue paper flowers:

Two Shades of Pink not only shows you how to makes these beautiful flowers, but also how to dye them to whatever color you like. The tutorial is actually for coffee filters, but we just made bigger versions with tissue paper and it worked out great!


We also made these two colored flowers from The Crafty Mom 



Mid South Bride shows us a similar flower, but without the center stamens


One of my friends brought this pom pom kit to the “flower making party” and we were all shocked at how easy and cute these turned out to be! They’re basically precut tissue paper flowers. All you have to do is separate each layer to fluff it up. And of course since they’re factory cut, they’re all very round and uniformly ruffled, if that’s the look you’re going for. If we had known about these earlier, we probably would have bought a lot more.


Crepe Paper Flowers:


This was probably my favorite flower, although mine didn’t look this good. The crepe paper flowers were definitely more time consuming and expensive than the tissue paper ones, seeing as how this one flower takes a whole sheet of crepe paper! But I would say it’s definitely worth it if you have the time.


I attempted a mini version of this beautiful flower from consumer crafts with whatever crepe paper I had leftover. Although very pretty, it was time consuming and didn’t sit well on the wall. The bottoms are pointed and meant to have a stem, so I wouldn’t recommend these for this particular project.


Tulle Flowers:

Sugar and Charm shows us how to make these elegant and romantic tulle and chiffon flowers. I tried to make a gigantic version of this with tulle only (the one big mess of tulle in the backdrop). It didn’t work so well because the tulle wasn’t strong enough to stay up when the petals were that big. If you go smaller than I did, I can definitely see these beauties adding nice texture to your backdrop.


I take it back, this one was my favorite. But of course, I ran out of material and ended up with just one mini one for the shower. Thatssoador used these on a headband, but I thought they would make great “flowers” for my wall. I made a couple of changes:

  • Cut the pieces into round circles (way easier)
  • Stapled each “petal” to form it’s shape
  • Used a small round circle, cut out from a paper plate for the base
  • hot glued the petals into place

No sewing, yay!


As much work this paper flower wall was, it was still tons of fun to make. Plus, all of our hard work didn’t go to waste. My friend took the backdrop home, and framed it with some molding as a big statement piece in her dining room! 

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  1. I love this blog. You gave a wonderful examples and beautiful pictures
    Also the wall came out beautiful and was a nice compliment to your beautiful table.

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