Spring is finally here!

One of the main reasons why I love spring so much is because I get to see my garden growing again. Ever since we bought our house two years ago, there has always been a major problem every summer that has kept my garden going growing to its full potential. The first year was when we got Leo. For being such a small puppy back then, he sure ate a lot – a lot of fresh fruits and veggies from my garden! As soon as anything made it’s way out of the soil into the sunlight, he found it. It’s that darn dog nose.

The second year, the sprinklers kept breaking. But don’t worry, we’re good now! We got new sprinklers put in and a fence up, so I’ve got a really good feeling about this summer. 

I get really excited about growing things, and treat my garden like it’s my baby. I talk about it non stop to my friends, trade tips on how to better take care of it, and I show off how much they’ve grown. So naturally, I’m also going to take pictures and share them on my blog  😛

Strawberries are doing excellent this year. The berries are bigger, and I’m getting at least a handful every week!

Yes, that is Leo’s nose in the photo (above) trying to get at my strawberries. Not this time pups!


I planted assorted dwarf sunflowers this year. I love it because it’s a surprise every time one blossoms! The first one was a dark colored one I absolutely fell in love with. I picked it 3 days ago (first photo), and today it’s got more of a fiery orange color to it (second photo).  DSC_0033 DSC_0002

This is a pomegranate before it becomes round. Ever notice the flower at the top of the fruit?


Pumpkin flower! This one is actually a male flower, and won’t turn into fruit. But it’s pretty isn’t it?



Watermelon! Can’t believe how small this thing is right now. It’s going to be one of the biggest plants in the garden by the end of the summer.DSC_0027

And finally, my favorite. Grapes! These suckers took two years to fruit. I almost peed myself when I first saw itty bitty grapes hanging off the vines! Jk about the peeing. But look that them!!


Well, I hope you enjoyed a little midweek blurb about my garden! Will definitely keep you all updated as my babies grow 


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