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Do you ever have the problem when you’re making s’mores where your roasted marshmallow just isn’t hot enough to melt your chocolate? I always have my chocolate on a graham cracker next to the fire to melt it before I make my s’more, and sometimes it’s a fight for the space around the fire. Like, I get that your feet are cold but I’m trying to melt chocolate here! Guys, the struggle is real.

So I came up with a solution. Every blogger talks about how amazing homemade marshmallows are and how easy they are to make. Stuff them and you’ve got yourself real winners. People love them as stocking stuffers, in their hot chocolate, or as originally intended: in s’mores.

You can also stuff them with whatever you like. I went with the classic Hersheys, but peppermint candy would be SO good for hot chocolate. OOh caramel sounds good too. Gooey caramel stuffed marshmallows?? OMG.

Just remember if you’re roasting these, you have to let them dry out so they don’t melt off your stick. That would be heartbreaking, so plan ahead! 

For regular sized marshmallows I used my mini silicone baking cups. They’re perfect for these marshmallows because they’re flexible and nonstick, giving you perfectly shaped marshmallows! You can also make giant ones with a regular sized silicone baking cup. Just follow my marshmallow recipe below, inserting whatever “stuffing” your heart desires. Don’t forget to close the tops with more marshmallow before it sets!



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For: 17 pieces
5 min
10 min
Ready in:
25 min


  1. Place gelatin powder and 1/4 cup of cold water in the bowl for the mixer. Attach whisk and set aside.
  2. Put the remaining 1/4 cup water, corn syrup, and sugar into a small pot with a candy thermometer. Be careful not to dirty the sides of the pot with sugar or corn syrup. If you do, wipe it down with water.
  3. Bring sugar mixture to 240°F.
  4. Immediately take it off the heat and start the mixer on low.
  5. Pour sugar into the mixer by letting it drip down the inside of the bowl.
  6. Once all of the sugar is in the mixer bowl, turn up the speed to high and whip until white and doubled in size.
  7. While the marshmallow is whipping, prepare your mold by spray it with oil.
  8. Stop mixer and transfer marshmallow into desired mold and let set. Mixture should still be slightly warm and flatten out.
  9. Unmold when cold and dust with powdered sugar.
  10. Let dry for a day or two if you are roasting the marshmallows over a fire.


Recipe adapted from The Food Network

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