Wine Night Appetizers

My friends and I are at that age where clubs are no longer fun but we’re still looking to drink and have a good time. Our solution? Wine night. We started wine night about a year ago, pretending to be classy and googling wine and cheese pairings. HA! A year later, I still can’t tell you what to pair blue […]

Korean Dumplings (Mandu)

My mother is an excellent chef. Growing up and helping my mom in the kitchen is probably what started my obsession with food. She was very innovative, turning traditional Korean recipes into something she could call her own. Now I’m not sure how close to traditional this recipe is, but I do know that it’s GOOD. Korean food is starting […]

Pork Tamales

Homemade tamales are one of our favorite things to eat. It beats any tamale I’ve tried in any restaurant, and it can be made ahead and frozen. They make perfect microwavable snacks, and did I already mention that they’re delicious?? Many people shy away from cooking foods like tamales because they’re constantly told that it’s hard to make. IT’S NOT HARD! I […]